Consistory Notes

March 2107

Some Notes from Your Consistory Meeting  on March 19, 2017

The Consistory Meeting opened in prayer.

We heard presentations from two guests:
          Veronica (Roni) M., President and CEO of SHOW, Inc.
        Monolith Solar representatives, Gary D. and Sarah C.

Giving Thanks for individual’s efforts in Bethany or the endeavors for the church: We give thanks to Lynn for bring Monolith to Bethany. Thanks to person or people who shoveled snow and changed sign for BOG Supper. Thanks to people who donated and worked at Brooks BBQ. Thanks for the new floor buffer. Thanks to Nathan Carlson for coming into church to help change light bulbs.


Pastor’s Report
I was honored to facilitate the Celebration of Life Service for Christine Davis and did her inurnment service at Saratoga National Cemetery. I have also made six visitations to those in hospitals or care facilities. I have had four private consultations with members of Bethany. I have met with various committees of Bethany six times. I have attended five Classis sponsored meetings. I continue to lead worship at the Beverwyck Terrace the first Sunday of the month. I facilitated an Ash Wednesday Service at Bethany (9 attendees) and preached that evening at Third Reformed, one person from Bethany attended. I participated in our monthly
Be Our Guest Supper. I am a participant in the Classis sponsored workshop on Conflict Conversations. Today I will be attending a Classis workshop on reaching those who are not in any pew. Finally, I continue to be an active member of Bethany’s Adult Bible Study on Wednesday evenings.

Communications and Correspondences
12/31/16 thank you letter from New Brunswick Theological Seminary for contribution.
01/17/17 thank you letter from Damien Center for donation.
01/27/17 thank you letter from Capital City Rescue Mission for donation.
02/06/17 thank you note from Nancy Landgrin for hosting Classis meeting.

Treasurer’s Report                   
Thanks to Wendy for the January Treasurers Report

On-Going Business
          Concerns from the Congregation
There is a concern about the dirty counters in the kitchen.
Some Congregants think the Newsletter was confusing, i.e., Be Our Guest dinner regarding what the dinner was and what it will be.

Committee Reports
Elders                                       Wendy
We need to set up a meeting.

Elder Delegate to Classis           Pam
The Classis Committee on Ministry Health and Growth is hosting a special program on reaching people not in our pews today at Delmar RC. All of Consistory attended.

Jessica F. delivered three bags of food mid-month and Pastor Peggy delivered nine bags on March 6, there was $23.00 in cash donations.

Congregational Life                             Bill Murray (Nancy Murray)
Be Our Guest Supper will be on March 21, 2017 at 4:45. It will feature stews, biscuits, desserts, and beverages. It will be coordinated by Joan (Joan was ill, so Wendy and Nancy chaired together). Thank you in advance to everyone who helps with the tasks to make the dinner possible for those who come. The community truly appreciates these meals.  We will try to bake potatoes for our meatloaf BOG Supper, as practice for the next Brooks BBQ.

Bethany Family and Friends
Unfortunately, The Devils ice hockey team lost its last game in Albany. It was a great afternoon for the nine Bethany attendees. As a bonus, we saw Jim L. out with a group from the V.A. Hospital!

Charlie and another member of his band are willing to play outside. Charlie will double check before flyers for neighborhood are printed. The date given to Charlie was June 20 to start at 4:45 and end at 5:45. We would like to extend Charlie’s band time from 4:30 until 6 on June 20, 2017.

We would like Nancy to check on the Big Apple River Cruise.  The USS Slater would be difficult, if not impossible, for disabled and elderly.   Peddling through the Adirondacks was suggested by Lynn Carlson; she will check into it.

Finance                                    Wendy
We are planning to sell the McKesson stock that we received in December.

Fund Raising                             Wendy
The Roast Beef Dinner will be Saturday, April 22; Wendy is heading it.

The Plant and Flower Sale will be Friday and Saturday May 12 and 13; Kathy Heider is heading it.

The Brooks BBQ raised about $1,350. We had about 90 chickens left. Some chickens were sold and some were used for the Be Our Guest Supper. We received one email and one phone complaint about the potato chips. The people were understanding. One will be back, one probably won't. (We have been raising over $2,000. We had even more chickens left over at the February 2015 BBQ - 153 left, 425 cooked.)

Property                                   Bill
The Sanctuary and Office steps need repair or replacement. This problem is the Property Committees. The floors look great!

Helping Hands                          Wendy
It would be nice to have more people come. We are expanding from just working on quilts and adding items to sell at the fair.

New Business

  1. Secretary/Office Assistant – Discussion that concluded with the hiring of Roni as Admin. Asst.
  1. Welcoming Statement
    Our “Room for All” welcoming statement is as follows:

Bethany Reformed Church extends a sincere, warm welcome to join us in our spiritual journey, praising God and ALL creation. We believe that all people are unique and created in God’s image, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, differing physical and mental abilities, gender identities and other diversities. All are loved and valued here.

  1. We will not be joining the Third Reformed for Good Friday.
  2. There will be no regularly scheduled Consistory meeting in April. There will be a meeting only if necessary. If Gary Despart cannot make it to our April 30 congregational meeting, we will hold a joint April/May Consistory meeting. We will try for a May 21 Congregational meeting.
  3. Wendy will be out of town 4/5—4/18.

Next regular meeting:   May 21, 2017 

Respectfully submitted,
Melody VA, Clerk