Consistory Notes

January 2107

Notes from your Consistory!

On January 15, 2017, the meeting was opened with prayer.

Following the devotions the following people accepted the rolls of:

Vice President of Consistory  Wendy  
Senior Deacon                       Lynn
Clerk of Consistory                Melody 
Elder Delegate to Classis       Pam   

Giving Thanks - Thank you, God, for our Worship Committee and all of its hard work, Rev. Peggy and all she does, the Finance Committee, Wendy’s treasury reporting, David van A., Newsletter people and all of the Silent Saints.

The Minutes of our Dec. 18 Meeting were: m/s/a. 

Pastor’s Report
I have been honored to visit with our shut-in two times this month plus made other visitations. I have had three private consultations with members of Bethany. I have met with various committees of Bethany seven times. I have attended eight Classis sponsored meetings including the wake and funeral of Albany Classis minister, Rev. Norm Hamm. I continue to lead worship at the Beverwyck Terrace the first Sunday of the month. I delivered the remaining Christmas cards from the Bethany Post Office to our seniors who have been missing worship due to illnesses or weather. I participated in our monthly
Be Our Guest Supper. I spent time today cleaning the sanctuary of the old poinsettias and refilling all of the candles with oil. I also delivered the Advent collection baskets to: Family Promise and the Interfaith Shelter. I will take the Rescue Mission basket when the check is prepared. And finally, I continue to be an active member of Bethany’s Adult Bible Study on Wednesday evenings.

Treasurer’s Report                    As of December 31, 2016

SUMMARY - General Fund

This Month

         Year to Date

Total Receipts

$ 10,887.87

        $ 147,830.30

Total Disbursements



Net Cash

$  -2,865.51

        $   -7,721.99

Thanks to Wendy for work well done.

On-Going Business
Discussion of Congregational Meeting of January 8, 2016: All Consistory Members feel it was a very positive meeting. Rev. Peggy suggests the Elders present drafts of welcoming statements at next Elders meeting, then present them to the Deacons, and then to the Congregation at the next Congregational meeting. The meeting is tentatively scheduled for April 30, 2017.

Committee Reports
Elders will meet February 19, 2017 with their proposed Room for All statements and on March 19, present the statements to the Deacons. Rev. Peggy received an email from Cameron of R4A offering help with the statement.

Elder Delegate to Classis          
Classis will be meeting at Bethany on February 4th. The meeting starts at 9:00 AM. We will break around 10:30 AM for a light brunch in the Fellowship Center furnished by Bethany. Plan on about 45 people. Save your receipts since donations of $4.00 per Classis member is requested.

Pastor Peggy delivered 5 bags of foods to the Pantry after New Year’s Day Service. Pastor Peggy has offered to drop off all food to the Food Pantry.

Youth Ministry and Education    Wendy
It was nice to have Emma in the nursery. There are a few things we could use to help with an infant. A rug that can easily be put out when needed and away when done for the day. A CD player. CD's for infants/toddlers. It was suggested we use the old rug and cover it with an activity or light-weight rug. Rev. Peggy offered to lend her CD player.

Congregational Life                             Bill (Nancy)
Be Our Guest Supper  will be on January 17, 2017 at 4:45. It will feature soup, salad, bread, desserts, and beverages. Thank you in advance to everyone who helps with the tasks to make the dinner possible for those who come. These meals are truly appreciated by the community. They look forward to coming to Bethany!

Bethany Family and Friends
It is too late for the January 28 Devils Hockey home game. The next home game is February 18 at 1 pm. We will try for that game. We want to invite Charlie’s band to come and give a concert? Wendy suggested we talk to Charlie to see if his band would be willing to play outside on a summer night, possible June 20.
What are some other opportunities?  Museums? Art Galleries?  State of NY Museum?  USS Slater?  River Cruise?

Pastoral Relations                     Melody 
Nothing to report.

Fund Raising                             Wendy 
The Brooks dates for 2017 are Wednesday, February 15 and Friday, July 21. Brooks is now providing potato chips instead of baked potatoes when they supply dinners. We will continue to buy the chickens from Brooks, which will now come already cooked from the restaurant, and we will provide the rest of the dinner fixings, including potato chips. Since we are 'downgrading' our dinners, we will keep the prices at $8 for a half chicken and $10 for a chicken dinner. The time will be from 3 pm until sold out.
The roast beef dinner is tentatively set for April 22 and the Strawberry Festival tentatively for June 2.

Property                                   Bill (Bruce, Chair)
Web Site                                   Wendy D.
Dave van A. checked out the secretary's computer. He believes that although the computer is 4 years old, it is working fine. It is performing software updates whenever it is turned on. If it is turned on weekly, and left on overnight, the updates may not interfere with newsletter volunteers doing their work. Our data speed is relatively slow, and possibly Verizon can do something to improve it. On the Saturday before newsletter copy, computer will be left on.

Dave also reported that Verizon is no longer giving out email addresses, although they are maintaining ones already in existence. He recommends that we change our addresses to a service not tied to our provider, such as Gmail. This would also allow us easy access from locations outside of church.

New Business

  1. Secretary/Office Assistant—First applicant found another job offering more hours. Pastor Peggy is now contacting another students.
  2. SHOW people are assembling bags, and have commitments for workshops. Roni is sending the requested letter by email to Rev. Peggy.
  3. We are delighted that Ben and Lucas have decided to go to Camp Fowler this summer.  Bethany will pay half of the application fee for the boys.
  4. Consistory members completed the Classis Comprehensive Discussion and Annual Consistorial Report for 2015.
  5. Lynn C. requested use of Bethany for Bella’s 5th birthday, March 4, 2017. Use was granted.
  6. It was decided, because of insignificant cost, we will continue having our letterhead and envelopes printed by a printer on cream-colored paper. The email address will be left off the letterhead, but the website will be left on.


Next regular meeting:   February 19, 2017

Closing prayer by  Wendy

Meeting adjourned at 1:30 pm

Respectfully submitted, Melody, Clerk