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It is a joy to welcome you to Bethany Reformed Church!  I don’t think I will ever forget the first words spoken to me by a Bethany congregant.  It was a bright September morning in 2008.  “Welcome Home!” they said with their lips and their hearts.  “Welcome Home!” 

Those two words, welcome home, have rich implications for me.  They mean a place where there is warmth, security, acceptance, inclusion and compassion.  It is a place where people know our names.  It is a place where we are valued for who we are right now and yet opening ourselves up to be who God wants us to grow into being.  This is what Bethany Church is for me.

We are all on a journey back to God.  No one at Bethany, including myself, has ‘arrived’ or attained the prize of ‘perfection.’  We are all ‘under construction’ by the Holy Spirit.  We are committed to staying in caring relationships, working with each other and supporting one another so that the building up of God’s kingdom is found here at Bethany.

We hope that you will come and grow with us.  May you experience the love and grace of God in this place.