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One of the most marvelous natures of God is that God is eternal and knows us better than we know ourselves. But we also know that our time is limited. How are you going to maximize your time so that this penitential time of Lent is a thrilling adventure with God?

                   Worship Schedule

Ash Wednesday       February 14    1:00 PM
Palm Sunday            March 25      10:00 AM
Maundy Thursday    March 29         7:00 PM
Good Friday             March 30         1:00 PM 
Easter (informal)      April 1              8:00 AM - with communion
Easter Celebration   April 1            10:00 AM

Our journey through Lent will conclude with Holy Week. There will be many worshiping opportunities – some familiar - some not so familiar. Will you dare to risk worshiping in different sanctuaries? Jesus has told us (right after the text on how to deal with conflicts!) that wherever two or more are gathered in His Name, there He will be in the midst.