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Congregational Meetings

January 10, 2016

Congregational Meeting Minutes from January 10, 2016

Meeting was opened with prayer by Pastor Peggy at 12:25 PM after a delicious potluck lunch.

Wendy reviewed the budget. New additions to the budget were Family Promise and Peggy"s upcoming sabbatical.
It was noted that Pastor Peggy is being given a housing allowance from what we get from Family Promise as part of the Classis requirements. Classis recommends a .5% annual raise for pastors.
Bell choir are getting new matching shirts.
Sexton’s hours have been increased by 4 hours a week. (20-24 hours weekly)
New insurance rates have been secured by Bruce Neyerlin that are substantially lower than our previous rates. It was suggested that letters be written to Bruce to thank him.
There will be no spring roast beef dinner this spring as both stoves are not presently working.
The secretary was left in the budget due to the fact that we may need to secure a secretary during Peggy's sabbatical. Cathy C. made the recommendation that we find someone to fill that need now so that they would be ready to step right in to cover when Peggy leaves. This is yet to be ecided. Sabbatical is June thru September, 2016.
Discussion on possible new fund raisers to make up for the roast beef dinners. New Brooks BBQ rules were discussed. We must order at least 800 chickens in order for them to cook on site. Also they are no longer offering ribs. We usually order about 400 chickens.
It was proposed to accept the budget. Unanimously passed.

The Kitchen was discussed lead by Wendy D. The committee has met with one contractor in September and will be meeting with 2 more this coming
week. When finished we will have met with about 6 contractors all together. Work cannot begin until April at the earliest. No decisions have been made yet (ie: cabinets, stoves, etc.). Floor has been chosen and is being handled by Oliver M. It was decided that there was no need for a garbage disposal. Gil F. pointed out that whenever the contractors finish the job we will need to have inspections done which could take up to a month longer to get done.

Claire H. brought up the subject of keeping the education wing door locked and a door bell installed to prevent people from just walking into the church at any time.

Gil F. also brought up the deterioration of the concrete steps which are at the point of being dangerous. We have the option of metal plates versus the full repair of the steps. There is a written contract in effect (5 years) from the last contractor on those stairs that we should look into to see if the work is still covered. Consistory needs to discuss whether or not to take action towards the contractor to get the steps fixed. Also what resources (attorney services) do we have to help in these situations? Something to think about.

Pastor Peggy closed the meeting with prayer at 1:05 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Lynn C., Deacon

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