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Consistory Notes

March 2107

Some Notes from Your Consistory Informational Meeting  on June 18, 2017


June 18, 2017


The Consistory Meeting opened in prayer.

Guest:        Bruce N. made a personal visit to deliver his Property Report as follows:

  1. Men’s room is nearly finished
  2. Upstairs hallway will be tiled. We are waiting Oliver & Gary for start date.
  3. Tennis balls are being worked on continually
  4. The fallen piece on the back fence has been removed
  5. Parsonage fence: the loose pole will be repaired and a stockade fence will be added where the latticework is.
  6. There was discussion regarding the old lawn mower and the purchase of a new one.
  7. The carpenter ants in the parsonage have been treated by an exterminator. There is some damage, but not sure how much yet.
  8. We are 75% through estimating the condition of the parking lot. The drainage problem still has to be considered.
  9. The fascia and siding on the parsonage are being repaired.
  10. If the Property Committee recommends something and Consistory denies the Committee’s recommendation, the Property Committee will no longer be involved.
  11. The office and church entrance stairs will be removed and replaced by Phoenix Builders.
  12. The Property Maintenance Manual is almost complete.
  13. The front lawn sign needs maintenance or replacement. The banners are in disrepair. Replacement and repair are being looked into.
  14. Newgate scolded us about the air conditioners not being in the windows in time for the heat wave. Bruce is trying to put things like this on a schedule.

Giving Thanks for individual’s efforts in Bethany or the endeavors for the church. Thanks to Rev. Peggy for all of her gardening around the church and parsonage. Rev. Peggy is thankful for all of her birthday well wishes. Bill M. is thankful for all of the meals given to him and Nancy. Many thanks to Bruce and Charlie for all the work they do on the Property Committee.


Pastor’s Report
I have been blessed to have made three visitations to those in hospitals or care facilities. I have had two private consultations with members of Bethany. I have met with various committees of Bethany five times.  I have attended four Classis sponsored meetings. I continue to lead worship at the Beverwyck Terrace
the first Sunday of the month. I participated in our monthly Be Our Guest Supper. I worked on Bethany’s yard for 15 hours (1/2 of which was on my personal time). I represented Bethany by volunteering at the Regional Food Bank. I continue to be an active member of Bethany’s Adult Bible Study on Wednesday evenings.

Communications and Correspondences
None received since last meeting.

Treasurer’s Report           As of April 30, 2017
Thank you, Wendy, for the Treasurer’s Report

On-Going Business
Concerns from the Congregation: None received

Committee Reports

Elders                                       Wendy D.

Elder Delegate to Classis           Pam M.


Pastor Peggy delivered 7 bags and 2 boxes of goods on June 5 to the Food Pantry at First Church.

Youth Ministry and Education    Wendy D.

Stewardship                              Pam M.
Nothing to Report

Congregational Life                   Bill M. (Nancy M.)
The Strawberry Social was held on June 2. Thanks to everyone who gave of their time to make it an enjoyable event. We collected $224. There was a discussion on whether or not to charge a fee at the next social.

June 20 Be Our Guest Supper will feature a concert by Charlie and hot dogs and hamburgers. Thanks to those who give of their time and abilities to make it enjoyable for all.

Worship                                    Janny M.

Copy of emails back and forth from Janny –

According to the Worship calendar, we do have Communion in August. If you ask Rev. Brumm to do communion, you can see if he prefers intinction or in pews and we can arrange accordingly.

I didn’t get the impression from Pam that Consistory was adamantly opposed to a bare wall; this is the first I’ve heard of that. If Consistory wants to take over changing the drapes we don’t even need to have a committee consider alternatives! But I am not willing to ask my people to do it anymore. I’ve received enough comments that I believe are both reasonable and substantiated to have come to that decision. Personally, I feel the empty space gives us all a better opportunity to envisage what we as a congregation want and need as a thoughtful expression of our faith, and it is not during any festival time. These are, after all, just curtains. Many, many churches have no such thing, and we have both banners and pulpit and communion tablecloths to tell us the church season and/or holiday.

On Jun 14, 2017, at 2:14 PM, Rev. Peggy Funderburke <> wrote: Couple of questions:

Does this mean no Communion for July and August? I will be away the first week of August. Do you want me to ask Rev. Brumm to do the August communion?

We seem to have a breakdown in communication ... several on Consistory are adamantly opposed to leaving a bare wall throughout the summer. They are willing to change the red drape to green and hang the cross on the green drape on June 25. By Nov. 26, the next drape changing to Advent blue, the drape committee will have found the solution and will have the solution in hand.


We decided we would put green curtains up for the summer. We will wait to hear from Janny and ask her to come to July meeting with proposals.

Pastoral Relations                     Melody VA.
Nothing to report.

Finance                                    Wendy D.

Joan is finding our current special envelope system lacking. She is not sure people know what the brown envelopes are for - in one collection, she received envelopes with 3 or 4 different stickers on them. People are not placing their name or regular envelope number on the envelopes, so they are not being credited with the donation. Lisa is working on this. Rev. Brumm will be paid more for communion service.

Fund Raising                             Wendy D.
The Strawberry Social raised $224.

The next Brooks BBQ is scheduled for Friday, July 21. Baked potatoes will be baked by Brooks on site! And ribs will also be available! Thank you Pam for your perseverance! We have ordered 25 lawn signs for Brooks and 25 blank ones. They are all 18” x 24”. The blank signs will be used to add messages to the Brooks signs, and to create other signs as needed.

Property                                   Bill M. (Bruce N., Chair)

Web Site                                   Wendy D.
Dave vA. made updates to the church computers so that our Verizon email addresses will now be processed by AOL.

Helping Hands                          Wendy D.

Helping Hands is on vacation until September 26.

New Business

  1. Monolith Solar Farm proposal? This from Lynn on Wed. evening: Just spoke to Gary D. and it turns out that he is home recuperating from surgery that he had last week. He told me that he would try to get in touch with Sarah to find out where things stand at this point but they are working on our proposal, just have to iron out some legalities of the PPA for the church. He also told me that when he gets back to work next week he has appointments with 2 people from our church that called him. He assured me that he will let me know something either tomorrow or Friday.
  1. Discussion on the visit from the Burmese congregation that met with Bethany’s Board of Elders on May 28. We would need a vote from Consistory, if we are going to permit them to use our facility on Sundays and Wednesdays. How much should be charged per week/month? Wendy will call the Burmese people to remind them of the calendar and insurance. The suggested amount of rent is $50/month.
  1. Pastor Peggy has been in touch with Raymond D. regarding the use of Bethany for an AA meeting on Saturday nights. They will be starting at Bethany on August 5, 6 to 7 pm or 7 to 8 pm, for $50/month. Ray will be signing the Bethany Hold Harmless agreement.  Their group name is, There is a Solution.
  1. Pastor Peggy received a request from the League of Voters for Bethany to be a voting site. Voting dates would be Sept. 9 and Nov. 11. Pastor asked about the weight of the machines since it is her understanding that previous voting machines were so heavy they damaged our elevators. She was assured that the current machines have been streamlined and are not the weight equivalent of the older machines.
  1. Think about moving choir robes from choir room to parlor. Peggy suggests using space with bookcase. We will look at it next week.

Prayers of concern and joy: Chris vA. is now walking with a cane. Prayers for Nancy who is starting physical therapy. Thanks to Bill and Nancy for welcoming bible study into their home.

We will meet Sunday June 25, 2017, in the Parlor. Rev. Peggy will send an email.

Next regular meeting:  July 16, 2017

Respectfully submitted,
Melody VA., Clerk